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Monday, September 10, 2012

Vocab #5

acumen (noun)- keen insight.
- I hope that I have acumen so that I can easily know who to trust. 
adjudicate (verb)- to settle or determine.

- I don’t like being a mediator, but I will always adjudicate a fight between my friends 
anachronism (noun)- something or someone that is not in its correct historical time.

- President Lincoln sent an email is an anachronism. 
apocryphal (adj)- of doubtful authorship or authenticity. 

 The idea that a dog could hold a pencil with it’s paw is apocryphal. 
disparity (noun)- inequalityThere will always be disparity of wealth within this society.- There is disparity in every high school because you start as a freshman and leave as a senior.

dissimulate (verb)- to disguise or conceal under a false appearance.
- I often dissimulate whenever I am in a bad mood. 
empirical (adj)- derived from or guided by experience or experiment

- I have to be empirical when learning information during my physics labs. 
flamboyant (adj)- strikingly bold or brilliant; showy
- All of our dance recitals are flamboyant and amazing to watch. 
fulsome (adj)- offensive to good taste, especially as being excessive;overdone or gross- My friend acted fulsome when she said she would help me on my homework.

immolate (verb)- to sacrifice
- People often used to immolate so as to please the gods.
imperceptible (adj)- very slight, gradual, or subtle.
- The idea behind the plot of the movie Inception is imperceptible to me. 
lackey (noun)- a servile follower

- I wish I had a lackey so I force someone to do something for me. 
liaison (noun)- a person who initiates and maintains such a contact or connection. 

- My main liaison among my friends would definitely be my cell phone. 
monolithic (adj)- consisting of one piece; solid or unbroken

- The asteroid heading for Earth is monolithic. 
mot juste (noun)- the exact, appropriate word 

- I hope to use mot juste whenever speaking to adults. 
nihilism (noun)- total rejection of established laws and institutions.

- I hope not to follow nihilism because I don’t want to lose who I am. 
patrician (noun)- a person of noble or high rank; aristocrat. 

- My grandmother acts as though she is a patrician because she has amazing etiquette. 
propitiate (verb)- to make favorably inclined; appease; conciliate.

- I hope to propitiate all those who look up to me. 
sic (verb)-to incite to attack 

- I don’t like the idea of writings being sic because it usually means they are more confusing to read. 
sublimate(adj)-to make nobler or purer

- Someday I hope to sublimate the idea that a woman can burp in public.

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