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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Essay Rubric Notes

-provide convincing readings
-demonstrate control of elements/references specific
-writing clear and sophisticated
-less thorough/less precise
-analysis convincing with father and son relationship
-ability to express ideas/references
7 better developed analysis and consistent

Question 2(George Eliot's Middle March)
-reflect quality(style, mechanics, content)
-persuasive analysis of Eliot's portrayal of two characters and complex relationship husband and wife
-strong for interpretation of characters/relationship
-literary devices/narrative/selesction detailed/specific references/ perspective analysis apparent in writing
-clear /organized 9 sophisticted
-reasonable analysis of Eliot's portrayal/develops through literary devices
-completent reading/attention to devices
-less perspective than 9-8 7/better analysi and more consistent

Question 3(Justice)
-as a whole(content, style and mechanics)
-no cause may poorly essay scored higher than 3
-well-focused/persuasive analysis understanding of justice/successful/search as a whole
-textual supprot/analyze character respond justice/injustice
-strong case of interpretation/literary work w/significant insight and understanding
-reasonable analysis of literay understanding of justice
-analyze character responds in significant for justice/injustice
-analysis less thorough/perceptive/less supportive than 9-8 7/better developed analysis and consistent command elements of effective compositiion than 6

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