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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Textbook Reading Notes


  1. Early Heroic Tales- 
  • epics long narrative poems that celebrated the adventures of legendary heroes
  • role models for ancient time civilians.
  • proper behavior
  • Gilgamesh and Iliad: Gilgamesh- 4000 yrs. old (Eastern) ; Iliad - 3000 yrs. old (Greek
  1. Gilgamesh 
  • made the journey to the end for the Earth and back but broken heart.
  • He wrote the story on stone
  • Uruk: ancient sumerian city
  • "2/3 a god, 1/3 a man"
  • "Anu And Ishtar"= Anu father of the Babylonian; Ishtar (god of love)

  1. Iliad by Homer, translated by Richmond Latttimore
  • Hektor- sun of Peleus, brutal, tall helm glittering; son of Priam, Best Trojan warrior
  • Achaians-Greeks
  • Spear
  • No agreement nor oath been reached between Hektor and Achilles
  • Achilles wins battle

  1. History of the English Church and people
  • Bede
  • Roman Empire withdrawn from Britain and taught them how to read and write and Christanity
  • Oral story telling period (fragmentary)
  • Written in Latin 
  • King Alfred's reign (AD 871-899)
  • The situation of Britain and Ireland
  • Geographic traits of Britain
  • Trade, culture, natural resources

  1. Singlo-Saxon Translated by Anne Sarage.
  • battle between Danich and Aethelwarf
  • Moon darkened
  • Alfred died; peace

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