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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Tools That Change The Way We Think"

How does extensive Internet/media/technology use change the way you think?

The Internet, mass media and technology as a one change my life in how I think tremendously. Although some of use might not realize it but they way technology plays a role in our life that is much different than if we didn't have it. Like when not everyone had internet and had to go to the library to find information or our ability to look up definitions so easily on our smart phones or laptops had changed how we think as a whole. We are now able to get information so easily because it is at the tip of our fingers, just a button away from find an answer. It's not like our last generation who had to ask their peers for follow up information. Now we have stuff like Yahoo answers and Facebook. Where we can go and type in what we are unsure about, press enter and wait for a responed. This generation is able to get more information faster then ever before, but dose that mean it's the right information. In order for us as an online community to learn we have to search many different time to find the right answers, because some may be true and others misleading. So in order for us to grow we need to take a little more time and read the fine print and read more opinions and facts so that we are able to end up with the correct answer in the end. So yes, technology dose help us, but we shouldn't limit ourselves to just the one answer that pops up first. We should think about the information and process it and make it into our own opinions and make it unique in your own way.

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