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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remix of Hamlet Act 3

Here are three very different distinct points of view that people had on Act III scene 1, on where it may have taken place at and in different time periods. These different videos help to see different kinds of  emotion that Hamlet may have had in real life, his experience, his thought and feelings. To break down the soliloquy a little bit, Hamlet is trying to decide weather he live with what has happened or take charge and control that output of what is to come. He also talks about how his conscience takes over his actions and hold him back from what he should be doing. For he would rather bear the pains of the past then get the support of others.


  1. I think these three video help us see the state that Hamlet is in and how devastated he is about the things in his life. It would have been nice for you to include your thoughts so we can actually understand what he is saying though.

  2. I like hearing the lines said out loud because it seems to help me understand hamlet more and the different problems he has in his life. It would just be helpful if you wrote a summary describing it all. But good job! (:

  3. Watching the scenes and seeing it acted out is super helpful! It helps my understanding of the context and the emotion behind it. Like britt said, summaries would be a bit helpful. But I like the vids!