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Monday, August 20, 2012

"Reflections On Week 1"

1. Some factors that may affect my participation and experience in the class is not knowing how to fully operate my blog and be able to upload documents or videos. I have friend that would be willing to help me throughout the class year and hopefully I will be able to help them in the future and return the favor.
2. I don't really have a way of stating my learning experience, but it started when I was either was told or I read this quote, "A smart man learn from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from someone else's mistake." I learned I could make wiser decisions off of what other people have done wrong. I saw how when other people didn't do there work they would suffer when a test or quiz came, so I decided to work harder and smarter to help me complete my own goals.
3. One of the things I am most excited about is using a lot of technology throughout the class year and being able to learn how to use newer technology that will help to benefit me in the future. Some of the things that I am concerned about is figuring out how to use my blog. I look forward to learning more about all the different ways people are going to be able to view my blog and judge me, so that I know for the future what I need to change and or learn. I think it will make a good practical difference in my life because it changes how I look a learning and might be a more and efficient way of learning for me.

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