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Monday, August 20, 2012

Assignment #1

The real truthful reason I decided to in role in AP English my senior year was because I wanted a challenge. I had taken AP English last year and though it wasn't to bad and the years before I had taken regular English and it just seemed to easy for me. I can't say I am the hardest worker or "committed" person, but my education come first. Not taking Dr. Prestons class as a sophomore made me not sure of what to think of this years AP English. I though about dropping his class so that my schedule would be easier, but its my last year and I wanted to go all out. Once I saw the presentation that the seniors gave to us last year I thought it was possible for me to actually do this thing.

 I like Socratic seminars because I get to listen to all the different points of view people have about a specific subject while incorporating life experiences. I missed the lunch meeting because I didn't know I was going to take AP English until the last days of school. When I learned that we weren't going to be using paper and we would be using all technology I was scared and excited at the same time. I am glad I am learning how to use the new types of technology available to me because it will benefit me in the future.

My goals for the year are to stay on task, and follow through will all my commitments. I don't want to let days pass and procrastinate. I want to standout and improve myself. This course will help me in the future because it will definitively improve my knowledge and thinking by learning the tactics and criteria that will be useful even after college.

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