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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beowulf Notes Prologue-X chapter

  • the folk, both far and near, gave him gifts and called him king
  • The Wielder of Wonder the kings son
  • the king dies
Chapter I
  • Beowulf leader of the Scyldings in fame with all folk
  • folk met at Heorot
  • Father and son-in-law stood in feud
  • Grendel a monster grim
Chapter II
  • the might of Grendel to was known
  • Nobles gather to discus him
  • Lord if dying
Chapter III
  • 14 warriors where sent over seas
  • made land on the 2nd day
  • great vessel and weaponry
Chapter IV
  • the mean went there to kill the beast/ monster
  • the Lord leaves on a magnificent ship
  • the warriors stay to protect his home
Chapter V
  • the warrior make there way to the Hall
  • Beowulf shows up and says he seeks the son of Healfdene this mission of mine
Chapter VI
  • More warrior show up
  • Beowulf included wearing bright beautiful armor
  • "...foe against foe. Then faith be his in the doom of the Lord.."
Chapter VII
  • Grendal attacked the Hall
  • Blood lay everywhere
Chapter VIII
  • Beowulf is the man unbeatable
  • He has done think no man would dream of
  • He defeated the beast of the sea
Chapter XI
  • Beowulf speaks of how he defeated the sea beast
  • talk about a battle that will be Great
Chapter X
  • Beowulf and Grendel get ready to battle it to the death
  • Beowulf uses only a sword

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