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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poem Analysis (TPCASTT )

'The Road Not Taken'
Title: I believe the title means that there are two different paths to choose from and that one of them, more often than not, isn't taken.
Paraphrase: This poem could literally be about two paths in some type of forest, but I believe its really just about two choices going around in someone's head. Either path leading to the same place but one traveled on every day and the one only once in a while. One may contain a better story to tell at the end of the journey.
Connotation: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by" This means that there were two options in this persons life and they had to make a difficult choice. They chose to go where many don't, probably because it wasn't the easy way out.
Diction: I think the words chosen by Robert Frost were smart and eloquent because this poem can be understood by many because it doesn't have big, scary words that you need a dictionary for. He wanted his message to be clear and heard by all, young and old.
Attitude: The person in the story seemed determined to find whatever he/she was looking for.
Tone: This poem is very calming which I think is needed because it really makes you think about life and which paths you want to pursue.
Shift(s): The person seems to be intrigued by the path that most people take, but in the end he decides to take the one most people avoid, noting how much work may be involved it would be worth it.
Title revisited: The title now seems to explain that there is a path that isn't followed, but it should be and that's what the person in this poem decides.
Theme: The central message I believe is to know every option you have and to pursue the more difficult one because in the end it could change your life.

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