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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Act 4

Scene 1:

The three witches are making some kind of potion with a bunch a weird/crazy ingredients
Macbeth has come to visit the witches to ask about his future :

An armed head appears first and all is said is to beware of Macduff

A bloody child next that says none of woman born shall harm him

A crowned child says Macbeth shall be till Great Birnam comes against him

Macbeth wishes to know if Banquo's prophecy will come true and 8 kings are shown last followed by Banquo. All of his kind
Lennox enters after the witches vanish and tells Macbeth that Macduff has escaped to England and therefore Macbeth has decided to take immediate action against him

Scene 2:

Ross visits Lady Macduff and she explains how upset she is that Macduff left in such a haste
The son and Lady Macduff are talking and Lady Macduff tells her son that his dad is dead and he begins to argue intellectually with her
A messenger enters and tells them they are in danger but before they can run away the murders enter and kill the son and chase after Lady Macbeth

Scene 3:

Macduff and Malcom have a conversation that brings them to peace with each other and talk about the army that is ready to launch their attack against Macbeth and Scottland
The kind is said to cure the sickness of people with the touch of his hand
Ross enters and when pressed releases the sad story of the death of the family of Macduff leaving him sad and in shock
This makes Malcom puch Macduff to take action against Macbeth even more

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