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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's The Story?

"What is it that makes you want to write songs? In a way you want to stretch yourself into other people's hearts. You want to plant yourself there, or at least get a resonance, where other people become a bigger instrument than the one you're playing. It becomes almost an obsession to touch other people. To write a song that is remembered and taken to heart is a connection, a touching of bases. A thread that runs through all of us. A stab to the heart. Sometimes I think songwriting is about tightening the heartstrings as much as possible without bringing on a heart attack." -Keith Richards

Why did Charles Dickens write the novel you're reading/reviewing? What in your analysis of literary techniques led you to this conclusion?

Charles Dickens wrote the novel to explain his views on society and social status to society. Dickens take advantage of literary devices like allusion, characterization, and foils to better establish the theme and characters within the story. He adds personal touches to the piece the display his own life. The main lesson I noticed was that despite the many foils, everyone shares one thing in common, their imperfections Dickens does a great job in creating the characters how real people are, which makes me think that the characters might be inspired by real people in the author's personal live.

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