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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Thinking Outside The Box"

1) Think about the place you have chosen as your hell. Does it look ordinary and bourgeois, like Sartre's drawing room, or is it equipped with literal instruments of torture like Dante's Inferno? Can the mind be in hell in a beautiful place? Is there a way to find peace in a hellish physical environment? Enter Sartre's space more fully and imagine how it would feel to live there endlessly, night and day:
When I think of hell I think of a place where everyone worst nightmares come to life. It's where you are sent for sinning, doing something just unthinkable. I would imagine it to be dark, cold and dirty, no real warmth just enough to keep you alive to suffer a eternal life of misery. There is no exit only an entrance. It's a place where monstrosities roam to torture and bring pain to your soul. The mind can be in hell anywhere, even in the most beautiful places. For example it could be your home is your natural hell, has its on beauty. You are trapped by your limits, of what you can and cannot do.
2) Could hell be described as too much of anything without a break? Are variety, moderation and balance instruments we use to keep us from boiling in any inferno of excess,' whether it be cheesecake or ravenous sex?
A way of restating what is question may be asking would be to say is too much of a good thing a bad thing for you. You can experience this through eating you favor meal everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After a while it gets old and may start hurting your health if it is a meal like fast food, all the time. You are able to over come this by being more diverse in your quantities at which you decide to eat fast food. You would have to take breaks and eat whole hearty food that is good for your body.
3) How does Sartre create a sense of place through dialogue? Can you imagine what it feels like to stay awake all the time with the lights on with no hope of leaving a specific place? How does GARCIN react to this hell? How could you twist your daily activities around so that everyday habits become hell? Is there a pattern of circumstances that reinforces the experience of hell?
Sartre creates a send of space by having Garcin ask numerous questions about objects in the room which are then elaborated on by Valet. They are mainly observations but these direct characterizations indirectly characterize the room. Without sleep you would go insane, you would be able to determine what reality was or is anymore. The world that you would live would be your absolute hell of bore-dumb. Even in our normal day lives we experience our own kind of hell that repeats over and over again until we can not take it anymore and give up and stray form our paths.
4) Compare how Plato and Sartre describe the limitations of our thinking and imply solutions to the problem. Be sure to analyze their literary techniques, especially their use of allegory and extended metaphor.
Sartre proposes a freedom from this, a inescapable room, through self reflection.  While on the other hand Plato say we just have to want to believe, we have to want to know what is and what can be.

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