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Thursday, November 1, 2012

AP Hamlet PLN

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This is a pretty elaborate essay about Hamlet. It's very long and I haven't read it all but what I have read is pretty detailed and well thought out. The author knows what he is talking about and if you want to understand Hamlet better it's a good essay to go too.

 Although it is one of those sparknote type websites as it looks like, I do find it pretty helpful in terms of getting different things out of reading of Hamlet, but I will have to do more research on it in order to see if it can really be a helpful resource.
 It was a great blog because it was very similar to ours and although it was a little outdated it looked like a great place to get some different views on Hamlet.
  I liked this blog because it was pretty simple I guess and it had a general summary of what each scene was really about which could be really helpful. But of course if I needed more detail I would research another site.
The entire course is focused on Hamlet; it spends time analyzing his character in many different ways. It looks at Hamlet as a hero, and "no approach to the tragedy is ruled out."


  1. I ghost in Hamlet website was cool. Dedicating a huge essay to analyze the ghost and what he signifies. I also liked the because it is a course from a university not just a high school. Good job!