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Monday, May 6, 2013

Question 2 From 1999

In the passage written by Cormac McCarthy in the novel The Crossing, the author expresses the experience of a character as he experienced the loss of a wolf. Cormac described the actions as the young man cared for wolf's corpse as it suffered a bloody, and unfortunate death. McCarthy used elements such as metaphors and personification in order to give the descriptions of the experience more life and more impact to the reader. He also used pathos in order to allow the reader to feel a little for the main character in his loss. McCarthy also used a lot of imagery in order to make the reader most easily picture this dramatic experience

In the passage, the author states, "-he could see her running in the mountains, running in the starlight where the grass was wet and the sun's coming as yet had not undone...". This quote proves that the wolf will be missed, as the character reminisces on her life as she knew it. It also shows the negative impact it had on him as he reminisces in mourning, and not in celebration of her continuing life. These flasbacks prove that the loss has had a strong impact on the character as he gets lost in his memories of the wolf, and what her life could have been like had she survived.

In conclusion, the author conveys the impact on the character through the use of flashback and characterization. These elements clearly expressed the negative impact the passing had in this character as he experienced the wolf as a corpse and not a lively creature.

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