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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

lit analysis "Call of the Wild

1. Brief summary:
This is a story of a dog that gets taken from his home and put to work on a sled dog team. He goes through a few owners, becomes stronger and stronger, then an owner he actually liked and respected gets killed by natives, so he kills all the natives and ascends into a more legendary status.

2. Theme:
One of the themes of this novel is that humanity is frail and subject to fall. It can also be said that the government can control the masses through a combination of drugging and brainwashing. Also, it displays how beautiful chaos is and how if we try to control every aspect of our humanity we will lose it.

3. Tone:
The tone of the novel tends to be trying for shock value. Huxley describes second grade aged children experimenting sexually, and then goes on to have characters react to it as if it is not an unusual thing. It is, in fact, expected. Also, many things, including the title of the book are references to Shakespeare


1. Direct/Indirect
The author uses direct characterization to tell the reader that Buck was 140 pounds, and the son of a Scotch Shepherd and a St. Bernard and other trivial information like that, but later, the author uses indirect characterization to show the changes Buck goes through. He also uses indirect to describe Buck's love for John.

2. Syntax/Diction
Most of the time, when discussing characters, the author seems much more excited. The environment is kind of dull to read about in this book.

The protagonist is dynamic and round. He changes throughout the story by becoming more savage and brave. He is round in that he is wild and kills people as well as brave and courageous and strong.

4. After reading do you feel like you me a character:
I feel that actual dogs are not as intelligent as these dogs from the story. So, no, I feel that these dogs were abnormal and that i would never meet a dog that did so much.

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